Love the Earth by any means possible.

Fight back by growing your own food.

Stop being mindless sheeple following a corrupt government who does not give equal representation for equal taxation.

They take tax's for cannabis but then do not grant us equal rights.

To be treated the same, is that a really big thing to ask for?

To be equal in our country where we are born and raised is a simple thing.

I believe there are 2 other Amendments giving a class of people's their own rights.

And yet we still have more to go, more people to win over and bring into the fight.

We must end this war on the American people by unjust laws and antiquated and corrupt law from a few of the 1%  who felt the need to think for all Americans for the rest of our lives, as thinking for one's self is dangerous. To think as a objective person without moral ineptitude is too much to ask I fear what we would do if this were so the case.